Alby's creative background began very young. Right after high school she knew her passion was art & anything that allowed her to express herself. She decided to pursue her passion and took her education to The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, Ca. As her design and sketching skills strengthened, her artistic eye led her to many fashion shows and behind the scenes action where she decided she wanted to explore the "art of beauty". Shortly after, her first job in the beauty industry was Sephora. Then Mac Cosmetics in 2010 and a decade later she is a skilled makeup artist with design and artistic background. These skills only add to her makeup skills because of her unique eye for proportions, dimensions, shadowing & highlighting. This leads her to be a perfectionist with eyebrows, contouring, and highlighting.

In 2018 she launched her own beauty line, and thus XIV LUXE LASHES was born. She believes all women feel should feel their best in order to do their best. If they find their inner beauty they will be empowered to feel confident in all they aspire do. XIV LUXE LASHES is a tool she created to help women feel prettier therefore more confident. XIV is more than a lash, it is a women empowerment brand to ENCOURAGE all women to do and feel their best!